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Patriotic Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies

Patriotic Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies

Soft sugar cookies with a gooey, fruity (and patriotic!) gummy bear center and white chocolate drizzle.MORE+LESS-

Make with

Betty Crocker Cookies


pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker™ Cookie Mix Sugar


tablespoons all-purpose flour


cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened and cut into cubes


red, white and blue gummy bear candies


cup white chocolate chips

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  • 1

    Preheat oven to 375°F. In a large bowl, stir cookie mix, flour, butter and egg just until a dough forms.

  • 2

    Scoop and roll dough into 36 (1-inch) balls; space about 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheets. Using thumb or forefinger, make a deep indent in the center of each cookie.

  • 3

    Transfer baking sheets to refrigerator for 20 minutes or freezer for 10 minutes to firm up dough.

  • 4

    Bake cookies 8 to 10 minutes until nearly done. Lightly press 1 gummy bear candy into the indent of each cookie, then bake cookies another 2 minutes until gummy bear is fully melted and cookie is set.

  • 5

    Cool cookies 3 minutes on cookie sheets, then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely.

  • 6

    In a small bowl, heat white chocolate chips in microwave on high for 1 minute; stir, then heat in 15-second intervals, stirring after each, just until chips are melted and smooth. Transfer mixture to a re-sealable plastic bag and snip off one corner.

  • 7

    Drizzle white chocolate over fully cooled cookies. Allow icing to set completely before serving.

Expert Tips

  • After drizzling white chocolate, sprinkle cookies with sprinkles or colored sugar for extra pizzazz.
  • Store cookies in an airtight container at room temperature up to 1 week.
  • Recipe adapted from The Baking Robot.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Serving
Calories from Fat
% Daily Value
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
2 1/2g
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrate
Dietary Fiber
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

0 Starch; 0 Fruit; 1 Other Carbohydrate; 0 Skim Milk; 0 Low-Fat Milk; 0 Milk; 0 Vegetable; 0 Very Lean Meat; 0 Lean Meat; 0 High-Fat Meat; 1 Fat;

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

More About This Recipe

  • These easy cookies will light up your guests like fireworks.Three cheers for the red, white and blue... gummy bear thumbprint cookies, that is! These patriotic treats are perfect for your holiday cookouts and potlucks, or if you just feel like showing a little pride for the good ol’ US of A—and for cookies. I understand.These thumbprint cookies are a riff on this recipe (inspired by The Baking Robot) and they’re so easy to make, which means less time in front of the oven and more time to enjoy the outdoors, lighting sparklers and gobbling down hot dogs (and eventually, these cookies).Let the icing set completely before serving the cookies. Having fireworks go off when you make your entrance with these treats is entirely optional (though highly recommended).I mean, who doesn’t want to cheer for these cookies?

Easy Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies

These easy gummy bear thumbprint cookies are fun to make. The addition of the gummy bear to the thumbprint makes for a festive treat!

The gummy bears melt forming a beautiful, chewy treat in the cookie.

We recommend Harbo Gummies&ndashcheck the label and get the package where they are made in Turkey.

Select an assortment of colors of gummies for a fun, festive batch&ndashor use colors for themes (red/green for Christmas, Red for Valentines).

How to Make Gummy Bear Heart Cookies

A free printable copy of the full recipe and ingredient list is available at the bottom of the post.

We saved time by using a sugar cookie mix, but you can also make them with your favorite homemade sugar cookie recipe. Click here for the sugar cookie recipe we use to make our Cadbury Egg Cookies too.

When creating your heart-shaped indention, try to create the shape first by pressing gently, then going back and pressing down with the tip of your finger. Just be careful not to push too far through the bottom of the cookie.

After making indentions in all of your cookies, place the cookie sheet in the freezer for about 10 minutes. This helps the cookies keep their shape while baking. (This is especially important when using store-bought dough).

We used gummy bears because they are just the right size for our heart-shaped cookie indentions, but you could use any gummy candy you have on hand. Simply trim to fit.

If your gummy bears are not completely melted and your cookies are done, you can use a toothpick to stir the gummy around to finish melting them and evenly distribute.

More Valentine treats:

Grab a free printable copy of our gummy bear heart cookies recipe:

If you like this recipe, rate it! We’d also love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Gummy Bear Slime and Thumbprint Cookies Inspired by Goosebumps 2!

A special thank you goes out to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for sending my family a Goosebumps 2 Package with Digital Code and Gift Card to entertain my children over Holiday Break. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

As soon as the packages are finished being opened and the toys have been explored, the kiddos are onto looking for the next activity to keep them entertained over winter break.

Well I am happy to share that you can keep them busy with Goosebumps 2 out on Digital December 25th as well as with Gummy Bear Slime and Thumbprint Cookies!

We happened to get an advanced viewing of the film along with a themed package with recipes, science experiment cards, as well as you guessed it, Haribo Gummy Bears.

Now one of those cards happened to be a Gummy Bear Slime and being that my daughter is a fan of anything smooshy and gooey, we had to try that out before we watched the movie.

I had a great time assisting her and watching as this experiment came together. FYI it is sticky, but the best part is that it is edible and tasted YUMMY. If you would like to make this at home with your kids, the directions are below.

Goosebumps Gummy Bear Slime

  • Haribo Gummy Bears
  • 1/3 Cup of Powdered Sugar
  • 1/3 Cup Corn Starch
  • Microwave
  • Microwave Safe Bowls
  • Measuring Cup


This requires adult supervision for the microwave. To get started, first put the preferred amount of Gummy Bears in a Microwave Safe Bowl. We used 6.

Then, combine the Powdered Sugar and Cornstarch in a smaller bowl. Next, microwave the gummy bears for 10 seconds and if not melted repeat another 10 seconds.

Have an adult carefully remove the bowl from the microwave and start to mix in a spoonful at a time of the Powdered Sugar and Cornstarch mix until you achieve the desired consistency.

Remember that this will be warm so make sure it is cooled enough before you pick it up. Then, the Gummy Bear Slime ready to be pulled and stretched!

After all that excitement, it was time to watch Goosebumps 2 and it was such a fun story with adventure, comedy, and of course R.L Stine’s scary characters. All of my children were engaged by the film and really enjoyed it.

After we finished, my daughter and I decided to make Gummy Bear Thumbprint cookies from one of the provided Recipe Cards (her brothers decided they were interested in eating them).

This recipe was so simple to put together, and it was awesome to see how the gummy bears melted in the oven.

All I can say is, I am surprised at all the fun things you can do with Gummy Bears and we will continue to play around with these and other activities over Winter Break.

Check out how to make these Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies below!

I also think these activities inspired by Goosebumps 2 would be awesome for an upcoming Noon Year’s Eve Party!

About Goosebumps 2:

Be careful what you wish for. With their after school junk business, best friends Sonny and Sam hope to find treasure in other people’s trash. But when cleaning out the old Stine house, they open a locked book that frees a supernatural nightmare- Slappy! Now, with the help of Sonny’s sister Sarah, they’re in a race against time to get the sinister dummy and all the creatures he’s brought to life back into the pages before he unleashes total pandemonium!

Check out this other Slime Recipe Idea from the cast of the film!

Based on the beloved Scholastic book series by R.L Stine, GOOSEBUMPS 2 was directed by Academy Award®-winner Ari Sandel (2005, Best Short Film-Live Action, West Bank Story) from a story by Rob Lieber and Darren Lemke and screenplay by Lieber. The film is produced by Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz and is executive produced by Timothy M. Bourne and Tania Landau. GOOSEBUMPS 2 is a Columbia Pictures, Scholastic Entertainment Inc./Silvertongue Films, Inc and Original Film production.

Goosebumps 2 Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Bonus Materials Include:

  • Gag Reel
  • Three Deleted Scenes:
  • Five Featurettes
    • “Thrills & Chills – The Making of Goosebumps 2”
    • “Meet The Monsters”
    • “Science With Slappy”
    • “Junk Brothers – Call Now”
    • “Slappy’s Audition”

    GOOSEBUMPS 2has a run time of approximately 120 minutes and is rated PG for scary creature action and images, some thematic elements, rude humor and language. A

    GOOSEBUMPS 2 will be available on Digital December 25, and on Blu-ray & DVD January 15!

    I hope your family enjoys watching Goosebumps 2 on Digital as well as trying out Gummy Bear Slime and the Thumbprint Cookies

    Carlee @ FLL

    Academy Award® and Oscar® are the registered trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

    • 1 3/4 cups (222 g) all-purpose flour
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 3/4 cups (6 oz. / 170 g) unsalted butter, softened
    • 1/2 cup (113 g) powdered sugar
    • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • raspberry jam
    1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl. Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy. Add in the vanilla extract. Beat to combine.
    2. Slowly add in the flour mixture spoon by spoon. Use a spatula to scrap down the flour on the side and bottom as needed. Make sure the mixture is well combined. The dough becomes crumbly but will hold together when pinched.
    3. Using your hand, take out approximately 1 tablespoonful of the dough. Knead it on your palm with your fingers a few times and then roll into a 1" ball. Place them on the baking sheet 2" apart. Use your thumb and press a well in the center. Fill each well with 1/2 teaspoon jam.
    4. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Transfer to wire tray to cool completely before storing them in air tight container.

    Watch the video: The Easiest Thumbprint Cookies With Infinite Fillings