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Raspberry Mimosa Smoothie!

Raspberry Mimosa Smoothie!

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This cold, frothy beverage is the perfect addition to any brunch menu!MORE+LESS-

2 1/2

cups vanilla bean ice cream

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    Put everything except the champagne in the blender. Mix until you reach the desired consistency.

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    Stir in the champagne with a spoon.

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More About This Recipe

  • Here’s a secret - smoothies don’t have to be a snooze-fest!Chocolate smoothies? Yup, that’s a possibility. How about a boozy smoothie? Also doable! With fruit, yogurt and a little imagination you can rock the smoothie like it’s never been rocked before!Party SmoothiesSmoothie Shots! If you’re hosting a brunch gathering, why not substitute alcohol for your liquid and serve smoothie shots! Served in miniature glasses with a cute straw, smoothie shots make for a cute party presentation! Keeping with the whole brunch theme, why not serve Mimosa Smoothie shots?Make Your Own Smoothie BarIf you trust your friends to operate a blender (with the lid firmly ON!), create a make your own smoothie bar! Set out several varieties of fruit, yogurt, and alcohol (it is a party, after all) and tell your friends to mix and blend until their hearts content!I think I’ve proven that smoothies are perfect for a quick breakfast on the go, or a fun party addition that is easy-peasy. Don’t be scared by smoothie prep, it really takes no time at all!Sip These SmoothiesIf your breakfast routine needs an update from the usual oatmeal or piece of toast, take a look at these smoothie recipes.

Raspberry Strawberry Blended Mimosa Recipe

By Kristen Miller | Disclosure Policy: This post may include affiliate links.

I love mimosa’s and not because it’s an excuse to drink early in the day. Just kidding – having kids brought my drinking waaaay down because I always have to be on guard for whatever they need. BUT I do love champagne and any holiday makes me want to celebrate with a special cocktail.

This Raspberry Strawberry Blended Mimosa is not only special, colorful and delicious – it is also good for you since it is made with real fruit. You can even bump up the health aspects by using organic fruit and juice in the recipe. The best part? It is quick and easy to make. It will take you longer to wash your blender than to actually make this mimosa.

Raspberry Recipes That Are Easy To Make And Totally Delicious

We LOVE raspberries. Why? Well, they're the perfect summer fruit and they taste great in almost anything. Blended up in a delicious smoothie, frozen into ice lollies and baked in a range of fresh cakes. So, if you're looking for ways to use up all those raspberries, check out a selection of our all-time favourite raspberry recipes (you're going to love our Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins).

This vegan banana bread is hands down one of our favourite things to make. Mixed with raspberries and topped with a vegan spread frosting, it's seriously tasty.

A few handfuls of raspberries, strawberries, and elderberries tossed in sugar rest atop a chilled custard infused with lemon basil. The herb, with its citrusy note, brightens the silky, rich filling.

Raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries are lower in carbs than other popular smoothie fruits like bananas, pineapples, and mangoes. Add fat with coconut milk, and feel even better about your healthy breakfast with baby spinach (or kale!).

Raspberry and white chocolate is the perfect combo and these muffins prove it. As well as good-quality organic white chocolate, we've also used Milkybars too. Don't forget to scatter your muffins with chocolate on top too, they don't melt completely so you get little chunks of chocolatey goodness to bite into. YUM!

These ice pops are the perfect way to use up any leftover raspberries. Want to lighten it up? Simply replace the sour cream and buttermilk with some plain nonfat yogurt to save 7 grams of fat and 41 calories per serving.

Mimosa Smoothie

A Mimosa Smoothie combines the delicious flavors of your favorite brunch drink with creamy vanilla yogurt. This 3 ingredient breakfast smoothie is cause for celebration!

Ahhhhhh, mimosas. They're one of my favorite breakfast treats. and I can't wait to have one on New Year's Day! It's been a while, to be honest, because I've become a lot more practical in my old age. Gone are the days of breakfast play dates with coffee & Bailey's. Gone are the days of a Saturday morning Bloody Marys. Not only because I have to get my run in before I feel okay about a drink. but because there's just too much to get done with 4 kids hanging around here all the time!

These days, the situation has to be just right in order for mimosas to make their way to the scene. It has to be some type of special occasion. and I have to be okay with not running. and I have to have nothing on my to do list! Because after a mimosa or two, I won't feel like doing any of it, anyway!

I know. I sound like a real hoot, right?? (I really am fun, I swear!) And I'm going to prove it by throwing caution to the wind and mixing up some mimosas to ring in the new year. But. I might be a little bit practical about it. Because by adding yogurt, I can turn it from a drink into an entire meal! Especially if I use Greek yogurt. Plenty of protein.

Mimosa Smoothie

Whether you're practical like me, or just plain fun, you're going to want to try this Mimosa Smoothie. SOON! It's made with just 3 ingredients (it does NOT get simpler than that) and comes together in minutes. Fair warning - the flavor is kind of addictive. Because it's like an Orange Julius and a mimosa mixed. It's worth missing your run for, and definitely worth being lazy for. Especially if it's a day you'd be celebrating (and kinda lazy) anyway! Happy New Year.

Add protein to this raspberry smoothie

Want to add even more protein to this raspberry smoothie? Here are a few ideas:

  • Use more Greek yogurt: Yogurt adds quite a bit of protein. Use 1/2 cup instead of 1/4 cup Greek yogurt. Note that the color will be lighter and less vibrant.
  • Add cashew butter or almond butter. A cashew flavor or almond flavor goes well with raspberries. Use about 1 tablespoon, 2 for a stronger flavor. This addition also dulls the flavor a bit.

Raspberry Smoothie Recipes 

They Raspberry Smoothies are easy to make at home!

No need to pay the high price of purchasing these delicious drinks!

All you need is a blender or a food processor to make your own smoothie fruit creations!

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Included in this Smoothie Collection are recipes for raspberry smoothies of all kinds plain raspberry smoothies and smoothies with a mixture of fruit. 

Smoothies are scrumptiously delicious, and healthy to drink!

Fruit smoothies and shakes are considered healthy drinks because they are typically packed with the vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

These drinks are a great way of making sure our kids, (and everyone!), receive essential nutrients. Why not make one today?

Try one of these Smoothie Recipes or Raspberry Shake Recipes, and . be creative! You can add other fruits and flavours too!

Easy no added sugar raspberry smoothie

This post for “Easy no added sugar raspberry smoothie ” was sponsored by The National Processed Raspberry Association.

The weather is FINALLY starting to warm back up which means it’s the perfect time for smoothies! This easy no added sugar raspberry smoothie is simple, easy, and a great way to get your kids in the kitchen. And on those hot summer nights, when you really don’t want to turn on the oven or stovetop, smoothies are a great addition to dinner. They don’t have to be saved just for breakfast!

My own girls (ages 4 and 5) love getting to throw their favorites into the blender and “push the button on”! We may have to take turns on that one because apparently it’s quite the honor to push the button, but anyways… And the great thing about smoothies is that while you can follow a recipe, you don’t necessarily have to. Just throwing some of your favorite fruits and veggies into the blender with a liquid of your choice and maybe some yogurt or nut butter, makes for a great smoothie.

Lately, my girls have been REALLY into adding frozen raspberries to their smoothies. And I wish it was because they love to listen to mommy’s ideas and recommendations, but no… it’s because they saw an episode on their favorite YouTube channel, Blippi, all about frozen raspberries and now they’re obsessed. In the video, Blippi makes a super simple frozen raspberry smoothie, and my girls now have it memorized by heart and ask for the same ingredients every time (scroll down to the bottom of this post for the recipe we came up with based on the video).

But I also love that the video shows them exactly where the frozen raspberries came from. He walks the kids through the farm, shows them how they’re harvested and then immediately frozen, and then how they eventually make it to the freezer section at our local grocery store.

Once they saw the episode, they immediately asked if we could buy frozen raspberries next time we were at the store. I obviously said yes. So the next time we were at the store and in the frozen section, my youngest (then about 3 1/2) exclaims quite loudly, “Look mommy! Blippi brought the frozen raspberries here!!” Anyone in earshot got a good laugh!

Some other things I love about frozen raspberries for my girls (and myself) include:

They have about 80 calories/cup.

Compared to other berries, frozen raspberries are one of the lowest in natural sugar.

They’re an excellent source of Vitamin C!

Frozen raspberries are frozen when they’re really ripe… this keeps all the nutrients they have in tact.

Raspberries are an excellent source of fiber. Eating fiber helps make you feel full faster.

Frozen raspberries are easy to use and are available all year!

Using frozen raspberries may help you waste less food.

Frozen raspberries are naturally sweet!

Frozen raspberries grow until they’re completely ripe. Then, they’re frozen really quickly. This helps them taste their best and saves most of their nutrients. They’re sweet and tart, and taste good in a lot of different recipes! You can add frozen raspberries to smoothies, yogurt, and even as toppings on toast. (You guys know how I love my toast!)

And they may even help you waste less food. You can take as many as you need or want from the bag and then close it back up and place what’s left in the freezer, and you don’t have to worry about spoilage happening quickly like you do with fresh produce.

How to make keto raspberry smoothie

Gather your ingredients to begin making the smoothie.

In the blender glass, add raspberries (preserve some to decorate), yogurt, vanilla extract, a small mint leaf, ice, and sweetener.

Blend the ingredients for about 3 minutes until the entire mixture is thick and homogeneous and the smoothie looks like this:

Serve in a mason jar, decorate with raspberries and mint leaves.

And, if you have any raspberries, serve them in some of our delicious keto lemonade recipe , for another refreshing keto drink.

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

In a blender, whirl banana, orange juice, yogurt, and raspberries until smooth.

Variations: Whirl together these delicious combinations, or mix and match to create your own favorites.

Variation 1: 1 cup vanilla soy milk and 1 cup frozen raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries

Varaiation 2: 1 cup orange juice, 1 cup plain yogurt, 1/3 cup chopped fresh Medjool dates, and 1 tablespoon honey

Variation3: 1 cup chocolate soy milk, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon peanut butter

Variation 4: 1 cup mango or papaya chunks, 1 cup pineapple juice, and 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

Variation 5: 1/2 cup carrot juice, 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon honey

1. Measure out and prepare all the ingredients.

2. Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix until you achieve a smooth consistency.

3. Top with extra raspberries, serve, and enjoy!

This makes a total of 1 serving of Keto Cinnamon Raspberry Smoothie. Each serving comes out to be 478 calories, 41.9g fat, 10.5g net carbs, and 11.1g protein.

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links for products or services we think you’ll like. This means if you make a purchase from one of these links, Ideas for the Home by Kenarry® will make a small commission at no additional cost to you so we can keep the great ideas for the home coming your way. All opinions expressed are derived from personal experience.

This is a really simple mixed drink that turns out super fancy. The entire recipe is in the printable card at the bottom of this post. First, I have a few tips and questions that I answered to help you out.

1. what is the best champagne to use in mimosas?

Go with your favorite champagne to make mimosas. I love to use Prosecco, but you can also use sparkling wine. Since there are only three ingredients in this cocktail, you want the main ingredient to be one that you love. The good thing is a decent bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine is not pricey at all-about $12-$16. Don’t use a super expensive bottle of champagne for mimosas. Save that for another occasion!

2. chill the champagne prior to serving

Mimosas definitely taste better chilled, so be sure the champagne is nice and chilled prior to serving. If you are using juice, make sure that is chilled as well.

When ready to serve, add a few raspberries to each glass. If they are not in season, you can definitely use frozen. Also, be sure to tip the glass when pouring the champagne, so it doesn’t make a mess and also preserves the carbonation.