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San Francisco Restaurant Workers Apparently Don't Always Want Health Care New recipes

San Francisco Restaurant Workers Apparently Don't Always Want Health Care

Millions in mandated San Francisco surcharges aren& 39;t collected by employeesWikimedia/Rich Niewiroski Jr.San Francisco’s five-year-old ordinance requiring companies to set aside funds for health care caught thousands of businesses in its net, and many restaurateurs responded by adding “health care surcharges” to their checks.

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Guide to Chinese Liquors New recipes

Guide to Chinese Liquors

As we near the Chinese New Year, taking place this year on Jan. 23, it is time to fill our kitchen and liquor cabinets and prepare for the great celebration. Though a few of these purchases might be a bit out of the ordinary for some, cultural holidays like the Chinese New Year provide a great opportunity and excuse to expand our palates and learn new culinary ways.

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Creamy Curry Dip recipe New recipes

Creamy Curry Dip recipe

RecipesDish typeMain courseCurryThis dip is lightly curried and highly creamy. It& 39;s also amazingly simple to make. Serve with tortilla chips, crostini, crackers, raw vegetable sticks or spread thickly in sandwiches.6 people made thisIngredientsMakes: 750 ml475ml mayonnaise1 small onion, grated1 teaspoon curry powder6 pimento stuffed green olives2 tablespoons capers1 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon pepper1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce1/4 teaspoon mustard powder1/2 pickled cucumber, chopped1 tablespoon paprikaMethodPrep:20min ›Ready in:20minBlend the mayonnaise, onion, curry powder, olives, capers, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, mustard powder, pickle and paprika in a liquidiser until smooth and creamy.

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The Story of Rum New recipes

The Story of Rum

There is a lot of questioning as to where exactly rum was “invented” originally. Because so many different countries produce rum, it has been difficult to pinpoint, but it is known that the production of sugarcane spirits was taking place in South America by Europeans before sugar was the cash crop of the Caribbean.

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Carp caviar with onions New recipes

Carp caviar with onions

The eggs are placed in a plate and with a fork they are crushed well. Drizzle half a lemon and add half of the squeezed juice over the caviar and beat a little more with a fork. they will immediately bind and open to color. lemon juice helps them bind well and will not cut during cooking, plus it gives them a special taste.

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The Best and Worst Health News of 2016 Slideshow New recipes

The Best and Worst Health News of 2016 Slideshow

Butter is back and the five-second rule is outthinkstockBMI Shouldn’t Be Used as an Indicator of HealththinkstockA person’s body mass index (weight in kilograms/meters squared) is the current metric used to evaluate whether a person is considered to be at a healthy weight, but a new study suggested that this measurement might not be the most accurate indicator of overall health.

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